absolute value of noise

Resonant Elf by absolute value of noise


Resonant Elf plays with feedback between an ELF/VLF radio transmitter and a receiver. The two devices use large circular antennas which are moved about my studio and tuned in different ways to collect 24 patterns of sound. The feedback becomes mixed with spurious noises from the electronic devices in the studio, and the resulting sounds are animated in software to produce an endless generative composition.

absolute value of noise
Influenced by Merzbow, the Haters and other denizens of noise-art culture, absolute value of noise takes sound to the extreme. Originating as a radio-art program on CiTR FM, Vancouver (from 1988 to 1992), productions include radio-art, performance, installation, net-art and a variety of collaborative projects. The artist works with feedback, distortion, mechanical devices and hand-built instruments to create both intense collages and minimal sonic threads.

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