Radio Belgrade (Live from Belgrade)

Radio Belgrade (Serbia)

The poet in a glass box

Concept and realization: Ivana Stefanović, composer


Renesans, early music Ensemble

Saint George’s Strings, small ensemble


Miki Manojlović, actor

Ana Sofrenović, actress

Dragoslav Đuričić, percussion

Jasna Tucović, piano, keyboards

Project concept

170 years ago, a Danish, Hans Christian Andersen, was traveling all over Europe. The traveler from the north set off toward the Black Sea, from Germany to Constantinople, across the Balkans. He was traveling on foot, by coach, riding a donkey, by ship… A part of that journey down the River Danube led through Serbia. The ship landed in Zemun, a town faces toward Belgrade. The poet wrote down everything he could see and hear, describing that all in his travel-record “A bazaar of a poet” (“En Digters Bazar”, published in 1842).

At the same place today, what can be heard and seen nowadays?

Zemun and Belgrade are joined towns, and life on the river, especially that night one, on rafts, is well-known as “the best one for having a good time”. Between Belgrade and Zemun, there are bridges, traffic, the Museum of Contemporary Arts where artists explore their relation to the near and the far past.

The sound reconstruction of Belgrade (then within The Ottoman Empire) being watched from the other side (then from The Austro-Hungarian Empire), confronts with today’s. Artists, musicians, actors, performers in studio, follow “reconstruction of the old sound” and react. The same “reconstructed” sound moves from that place, from studio to the very spot where Andersen was standing, and further to a modern New Belgrade’s “Aqua Boulevard”.

What can be achieved?

Five scenes, each one can last only 170 (Andersen’s) seconds, 2´ 50” our minutes.

Seconds are years.

Years, seconds.

Biography of the author

Ivana Stefanović

Studied violin and composition in Belgrade. Pursued advanced studies at IRCAM, Paris.

She worked for a Radio Television Belgrade until 1991.

In 1985, first editor of Sound Workshop programme (Drama department).

1989 became Music Editor of Radio Belgrade. 1992/5 taught Applied Music.

In 2001, became Cultural Projects Director at the Centre for Democracy Foundation.

2000/1, lecturer at the Centre for Women’s Studies.

2001/6 acted as Artistic Director of Bemus, the biggest Belgrade music festival.

2007/8 appointed State secretary in the Ministry of Culture.

Ivana Stefanovic’s pieces were performed in many countries (France, Denmark, Finland, England, Austria, the Netherlands, Croatia, Italy, Kazakhstan…), as well as at various festivals, including: Gaudeamus, Bemus, Biennale Zagreb, Biennale Helsinki, Yugoslav Composers’ Tribune, Bitef, Prix Italia ….

Ivana Stefanovic is involved in fringe music areas and composes for the theatre.

She has won numerous awards including:

Prix Monaco, 1974, First Prize at Yugoslav Composers’ Tribune, Novi Sad, 1992,

Slabbesz (Austria), 1993, Sterija Prize for Scene Music, 1995, “Miloš Crnjanski” Prize for the book Journey to Damascus, 2002, “Stevan Mokranjac” Prize, 2008.

She writes about music and culture.

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