VPRO (Live from Hilversum)

VPRO (The Netherlands)


if i could i had but i can’t so i didn’t
…live sound track for a radio cartoon

Stephie Büttrich – live electronics & Anne Wellmer – voice

Stephie Büttrich—born on the 4th of July in 1968, decided to become a vocal acrobat right after her first scream. So she went to Cologne, Berlin and Den Haag to study music, sounds, and theatre. There she found a flock of people with whom she loves to produce noises and get wild on stage. She worked as a singer, performance artist, composer, producer, and acrobat of vocal science, before finally returning to her primal scream which was actually a gasp for air… Stephie Büttrich lives in Amsterdam.

Anne Wellmer is a sound artist, born to be angry in Germany in 1966, raised to be wild in America 1970-1973 and educated to be noisy in the Netherlands 1992-1997 and discovered silence in the USA 2001-2003. Among her work are performances and installations, music theater pieces and choreographies. She performs as an improvising musician, as a composer and as a singer on various electronic instruments, such as the VCS3 EMS Synthi, the ARP 2600, the STEIM crackle box and a laptop. Anne Wellmer lives in The Hague.

among their collaborations is trio Grand Mal

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