Ward Weis Project (Live from Antwerp)

web-site: www.marabou.be/ABD2010

ART’S BRITDHAY 2010 from Antwerp is this year a at the M HKA.  The museumfor contemporary art of Antwerp opens it doors for ART’S BIRTHDAY from 11 until 18. During the day a lot events will happen (performances, sound installation, state of the union, readings, childrens corner, cake, bubbles ).

My sound installation is build with loudspeakers and (speaking) microphones. I perform a continuous reading of “histoire chuchotée de l’art” letter by letter, word by word, sentence by sentence, paragraph by paragraph.

Transformations will happen.
At least half of the text will be read in ” silence “.
All is programmed to take 4 hours.
Anyone is welcome to read some part of it.
All information about it can be found at our website.

Contributions are still welcome, please promote it too. This year we do not perform live as the event in the museum is during the day. Our contribution exists of 2 parts.

The first is a 4 hours stream. They will be available as shoutcast at http://planktone.dyndns.org:8000 and start at the begin of the EBU event until it ends. I create also a downloadable backup at our site which can be synchronised manually. It is free to be mixed at the other EBU ART’S BIRTHDAY events.

The second is our 20 minutes slot at RAVEL from 20.40 to 21.00 (GMT). We plan here a special programmed speeded reading mix of the installation. This will be available by FTP for uplink by ORF

ART’S BIRTHDAY 2010 from Antwerp is supported by:
MHKA (museum for contemporary art of Antwerp) www.muhka.be
KLARA ( VRT classical radio ) www.klara.be
KLANKSCHAP www.klankschap.nl
MARABOU www.marabou.be

And thanks to Wilfried Bossier, International Feature Conference, Klaas Janssens, Chantal Pattyn, Ronny Pringels, ruth renders, jos van den bergh, floris van manen, ward weis, kathleen weyts

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