22:20 – 22:40 [gmt] Live from ESC in Graz

“bits and ohm” (17 – 22. January, ESC, Graz) is an exhibition that retrospects three semester of “Media and Interaction Design”. The opening is on the 17th of January, at Art’s Birthday. To honour art there will be a streaming party and presents for art, which are micro-installations. Almost every exhibit is interactive and invites to touch and play with it. Five Games, controlled by alternative interactive paradigms, 18 linked up interactive installations, an interactive portfolio table as well as the birthday presents promise a lot of fun.

We are a group of 18 students attending the masters programme “Media and Interaction Design” at the Universitiy of Applied Sciences “FH Joanneum” in Graz. “Media and Interaction Design” (MID) is a universal programme, that opens its graduates diverse jobs in the field of the Creative Industries. The focus is on the conception and design of media including communication and interaction processes that provides users access to medial content.



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