19:05 – 19:20 [gmt] DLR/DKU (Live from Berlin)

Felix Kubin: Test signals

Art’s Birthday 2011 | produced by Deutschlandradio Kultur | Klangkunst and Berghain |
Elektroakustischer Salon

presented by SPEX

Mo. January 17th 2011
20 Uhr
Am Wriezener Bahnhof
10243 Berlin – Friedrichshain


Deutschlandradio Kultur celebrates Art’s Birthday 2011 in the electroacoustic Salon of the Berlin club Berghain. Masters of ceremonies are aether guru Felix Kubin from Hamburg and electronic blogger Dickson Dee form Hong Kong.

Felix Kubin: Test signals

Felix Kubin – electronics
Veronika Zott – movement apparatus

Test signals are not exactly popular. We automatically think of broadcast breaks and geometrical images. The sound qualities of test signals range from peak tones over sweeps and white noise all the way to vocal sounds and soundcheck blabber. They are associated with a state of being before the actual program starts. They’re doomed to stay on hold for optimization.
For Art’s Birthday, sound futurist Felix Kubin from Hamburg and Vienna based performer Veronika Zott set the test signals free from the prison of functionality and condense them to a composition of interval symbols, extreme frequencies, voicing methods and sound costume movements.

Felix Kubin

Felix Kubin lives and works against the gravity with Sci-Fi Pop/Noise/Animation Films/Radio Plays/Experimental Broadcasting. As the messenger of exploding lungs he started his label “Gagarin Records” in 1998 and rules the “syndicate of counter-noise” since 9.9.1999.

Veronika Zott

Veronika Zott studied dance at the London Contemporary Dance School (1996-99), followed by various workshops in Montreal, Vienna, Luxemburg, London and elsewhere. She danced for People such as Milli Bitterli, Christine Gaigg, and Felix Kubin. Zott choreographed several media dance performances in collaboration with other artist, such as tomate, Inge van Bruystegem and others. Pieces: wolv goes international (02) drindrunkmehr (03). She builds a studio named: wolv. Founded together with tomate a company: VAP- visualartproyektil. more works: homemade (05), wolv-radio.net. (07). Veronika will perform at Steirischer Herbst (08) and is going to be a part of „O is not a Company“ for Linz (09).

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