19:40 – 20:00 [gmt] NLNPO/VPRO (Live from Hilversum)

NL NPB – VPRO (Café Sonore) | Art’s Birthday 2011

JaDaLand  Art’s Birthday Performance  – Jan Van Den Dobbelsteen & Danielle Lemaire

JaDa is the name of the Soundart duo Jan Van Den Dobbelsteen & Danielle Lemaire.

For Art’s Birthday 2011 JaDa will realize a live performance/concert played on all kinds of little home tools and instruments. JaDa will use electronic instruments and little acoustic wooden, metallic and bamboo objects, taken home from a 3 months residency stay in Xiamen, China. This “Little China” sound performance will be mixed with “The JaDaland national anthem”,  a stretched sound layer of 20 minutes. The JaDaLand Art’s Birthday Performance is a micro-world party with all the bells and whistles,  and somewhere you can hear the voice of Robert Filliou.

Jan Van Den Dobbelsteen

Jan Van Den Dobbelsteen (Eindhoven – Netherlands) is an interdisciplinary artist who has performed and exhibited his work internationally. He also curates programs, exhibitions and he gives lectures. With his partner Danielle Lemaire he forms the soundart duo JaDa (already for 20 years). For more than 35 years He  runs his own record label ‘Cosmic Volume’. Recently he published a book ‘Useless Stones’ with sound works on cd as part of a 3 months residency in Xiamen China. One of his recent projects is the research on the influence of the piano piece Vexations (of Erik Satie) on the musical ideas of John Cage.


Danielle Lemaire

Danielle Lemaire is an interdisciplinary artist. Her work is based on a personal research for universal forms of communication within this world and beyond. She creates large and small drawings,  paintings, photographs, musical pieces, films and performances. Since 1997 Lemaire has her own label “Inner Landscapes” on which she releases vinyl records, CD’s, DVD’s and books (partly handmade and in small editions). All her works are made in a very concentrated way, and have a personal and narrative character, often portraying the human being in communication with his or her surroundings and the specific visible and invisible elements of this energetic field connected to it. For 20 years she works closely together with her partner Jan Van Den Dobbelsteen to create projects in a dynamic multimedia world field.


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