21:40 – 22:00 [gmt] SWR (Live from Karlsruhe)

SWR2 ars acustica will celebrate Art’s Birthday 2010 in cooperation with the HfG Karlsruhe State University of Arts and Design at the ZKM | Center for Art and Media Karlsruhe.

audio- and videostream on: http://artsbirthday.hfg-karlsruhe.de

Institut fuer Feinmotorik (8x Technics turntables used without records)
…are playing a special Fluxus set for Art’s Birthday.

Institut fuer Feinmotorik (IFF) is Marc Matter, Mark Bruederle, Daniel van den Eijkel and Florian Meyer.

IFF is an artists group working in different media. Although the main activity for which the group is known is acoustic-art / music. IFF is located in Bad Säckingen (black forrest), Berlin, Cologne and Karlsruhe (all Germany). The group was founded 1997 for a club-event in Basel (Switzerland) at brisant kiosk / club. IFF produces different output (photography, video, music, drawing, computerprogramming, printed matter etc.), organizes artistic-/cultural events, does lectures and workshops and publishes artistic goods such as music records, books etc. IFF got some reputation for their acoustic work with a reductionist set-up: 8 turntables, 4 DJ mixers + end-mixer, which is served by the groups members. Anything (except records) which somehow fits between turntables and pick-up cartridges (household-rubberbands, paper-stickers, rubbergums, handicraft-tools + various junk and tinker-trivias) may be played. Lately, IFF contributed to Art Exhibitions (http://www.mudam.lu), took part in a music-theatre  (http://www.ensemblefuerstaedtebewohner.com), did lectures on topics such as the Dreammachine, contributed to the German Avantgarde-Music Revue Positionen and produced an abstract radioplay for RADIO ARTHUR, Basel (http://www.radioarthur.ch). IFF performed over 80 events since 1997 – most of them Sound-Performances & Concerts; they played at international media-art festivals and did touring in Europe and South America. IFF also released several Vinyl records on Labels like Fusetron (USA), Staubgold (BRD), Synchron (CH), Eventuell (BRD); they published a book entitled “Feinmotorik Kompendium” (Maas Media Verlag, Berlin) in 2005.


Link for video of live concert in Vienna (15.10. 2008):

Moderator: Julia Neupert
Executive Producer: Frank Halbig
SWR/HfG/ZKM 2011

Online: audio- and videostream on http://artsbirthday.hfg-karlsruhe.de
We will provide you with a nonstop audio- and video stream (with a live mix of 3 cameras)

On air: 9.03 – 11.00 pm CET | SWR2
On site:
8.00 – 12.00 pm CET | ZKM | Center for Art and Media Karlsruhe




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