20:50 – 21:10 [gmt] SWR (Live from Karlsruhe)

SWR2 ars acustica will celebrate Art’s Birthday 2010 in cooperation with the HfG Karlsruhe State University of Arts and Design at the ZKM | Center for Art and Media Karlsruhe.

audio- and videostream on: http://artsbirthday.hfg-karlsruhe.de

To Rococo Rot (E-Bass, Drums, Electronics – Minimal Kraut)
…are playing a special set using Yoko Ono’s “Grapefruit” book for Art’s Birthday.

To Rococo Rot, the trio of Stefan Schneider (Ex Kreidler) and brothers Robert and Ronald Lippok, arrived just over a decade ago at the point where digital precision and instrumental abstraction were harnessed into new directions in contemporary music, detached and accessible. Their early albums, Veiculo and The Amateur View, spoke in the future imperfect tense, highly complex but concentrated sound happenings. And with their new album Speculation they created a well balanced mix of Krautrock and Minimal Music in a new form.

For SWR‘s Art’s Birthday they will work with Yoko Ono’s „Grapefruit“ book.
Playing with her Event Scores – e.g.:

Go on transforming a square canvas
in your head until it becomes a
circle. Pick out any shape in the
process and pin up or place on the
canvas an object, a smell, a sound
or a color that came to your mind
in association with the shape.


Moderator: Julia Neupert
Executive Producer: Frank Halbig
SWR/HfG/ZKM 2011

Online: audio- and videostream on http://artsbirthday.hfg-karlsruhe.de
We will provide you with a nonstop audio- and video stream (with a live mix of 3 cameras)

On air: 9.03 – 11.00 pm CET | SWR2
On site:
8.00 – 12.00 pm CET | ZKM | Center for Art and Media Karlsruhe




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