21:10 – 21:30 [gmt] Radio Russia (Live from Moscow)

Through Unheard

by Oleg Makarov (clarinet, laptop, controllers, programming, performing)

Electroacoustic improvisation using live clarinet, samples of hard disk drive and live algorithmic sound processing with controllable feedbacks.

The performance based on interaction between live performer and controllable programmed algorithms, both using usual sounds of live instrument and unheard fields taken from working HDD with electromagnetic sensors and became audible through frequency shifting and wave transforming.

Oleg Makarov (b. 1979 in Moscow, Russia) – composer, performer, media-artist, hardware/ software interactive system / instruments maker.

Interested in music, electronic and programming since his childhood. Started to compose music in 1989. Composes music of various kinds: chamber, instrumental, vocal, electroacoustic and music for radio pieces. Regularly performs his electroacoustic pieces, both composed and improvised, in various art-centers. Each performance uses its unique structure and a specially programmed patch. Researches in cross-media fields of radioelectronics, music, visual art, programming etc.


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