21:50 – 22:10 [gmt] Radio France (Live from Paris)



by Bruno Letort
Piece for electronics, prepared guitar, drums and string trio

This work plays on the imagination of imaginary persons, as if the characters of a novel by Ray Bradbury or Jules Verne were to create their own world. Structured around conversations with famous sci-fi writers, and based as well on Voltaire’s “Micromégas”, one of the first texts of its kind, the work makes light of the conventions of science fiction through comic imitations and novel ideas.

The composer, a fan of American and other sci-fi films, such as “Forbidden Planet” or “The Mysterious Satellite” (Uchûjin Tokyo ni arawaru), draws on the audio tapes of this innovative period to construct a fresco of music and sounds.

Tinkering with, imitating or distorting sounds, using a string trio and drums, “SciFi_Low-Fi” takes an amused look at this odd imaginary world which could only dream of the future.

Pauline Vernet, violin
Sylvie Carrasco, viola
Myriam Teillagorry, cello
Frédéric Sicart, drums
Bruno Letort, electronics and guitars

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