22:10 – 22:30 [gmt] ERR (Live from Tallinn)

50+50-50 = NOW
by John Grzinich

2011 marks 50 years since the first event using the Fluxus name was organized by George Maciunas at an art gallery in New York City. Within a short time Fluxus became a global network of artists exploring new forms of creative strategies, intermedia and collaborative happenings. As Art’s Birthday is a Fluxus concept created by Robert Filliou, this program is a celebration of both Filliou’s idea and a tribute to Fluxus itself. This 20 minute radiophonic collage for Art’s Birthday 2011 is assembled from words and sounds by Dick Higgins, Ken Friedman, George Maciunas, Robert Filliou, Joe Jones, La Monte Young, Ben Vautier, Yoko Ono, Wolf Vostell, Andreas Leo Findeisen and some of my own interpretations of Fluxus works.

John Grzinich has been conducting his own forms of sound research for over 15 years, including field recording, kinetic sculptures, electro-acoustic composition, performance, group workshops and exercises in listening. Currently he lives in Estonia and works as a program and media lab coordinator for MoKS, a non-profit artist-run center. He has published CDs of his sound works on international labels such as: SIRR, Cloudmirror, Staalplaat, Erewhon, Intransitive, Cut, Elevator Bath, CMR, Orogenetics, Pale Disc and others. Documentation and examples of his work can be found at: http://maaheli.ee

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