20:30 – 20:50 [gmt] FIYLE (Live from Turku)

Aura River Symphony


An acoustical city soundscape by Simo Alitalo inaugurates the Year of the Capital of Culture in Turku 2011 on Janunary the 15th.

This work is inspired by the Simfoniya gudkov (Гудковая симфония, “Symphony of factory sirens”) which the Russian avant-garde composer Arseny Armaavov realised in the city of Baku in 1922.

The medieval city of Turku is crossed by the river Aura and sound artist Simo Alitalo has planned an acoustical work which is realised on both banks of the river.  We’ll hear, in composed manner, sounds and fog horns of the small and big ships, church bells, ancient guns and ordinary city noise which all will be recorded and further mixed on Monday Jan. the 17th for the AB evening in front of live audience in Dynamo Club of Turku.

The sound designer is Antti Pohjola and the executive producer is Heikki Valsta.

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