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Performance AV/E! POLIS is inspired by works of Vjenceslav Richter (1917-2002), Croatian architect, painter and sculptor.

The title AV/E! POLIS is in itself a reference to Richter’s idea of building the Heliopolis, four-dimensional mansions constantly revolving and thus changing the inhabitant’s view.

In the work AV/E! POLIS itself, the authors also change the view and the reception of Richter’s opus, giving the consumers new comprehending of Richter’s art.

Based on the Richter’s fundamental ideas of the artistic liberties, experimenting and erasing the boundaries between the branches of the Art, this group of authors decided to discover another dimension in Richter’s opus – namely the dimension of the sound.

How do Richter’s sculptures sound, which language do they speak, what kind of  music do they make? In search for the answers, this group of authors recorded direct echoes of Richter’s sculptures, afterwards ‘sculpting’ music which, in itself, reflects millennia of music making – from the our cave ancestors, primal rhythms and poorly developed melodies, all the way to the baroque phrasing, electronics and the music of the Future.

Within the visual part of this performance, the gauntlet is thrown right in the face of the heritage. It is revolving (ho-ho) around Richter’s thesis of the division of the Circle on 512 degrees, and the division of the Angle in three parts.

Performance is given in the Richter Collection (http://www.msu.hr/#/en/22/), integral part of the Museum of Contemporary Art in Zagreb.

Srđan Nogić
Gordan Nogić
Maro Market

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