20:40 – 21:00 [gmt] Ward Weis (Live from Antwerp)


17/01/2011 MUHKA

Most museums in Belgium are close don Monday’s. Also MUHKA ( Museum for contemporary art of Antwerp ) is closed on a Monday. Exceptionally MUHKA opens it doors and reserve the full 2-nd floor for ARTS BIRTHDAY 2011.

A state of the union, a debate, performances and a party will happen. We promote the opening of all museums in the world on ARTS BIRTDHAY with free entrance for all visitors.

ARTS BIRTDHAY 2011 is a live mix as a soundscape of museum sounds and the repetitive reading of open / closing times from all over the world.

Recordings made in museums are welcome.
Find your preferred work of art.
Make a 5 minute recording from the fixed position in front of it

Post is as wav, flac or mp3 at http://www.planktone.dyndns.org/upload
Please send info of the art work where the recording was made.

Recordings, edit, script: Ward Weis
Wilfried Bossier
Klankschap, Floris van Manen
Ronny Pringels
: Klaas Janssens

This year we organise also again the ARTS BIRTHDAY HAT webpage.

we add this year a printable petition to convince local administrations to open their museums on ARTS BIRTHDAY in the future.

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