Art‘s Birthday

20:40 – 21:00 [gmt] Ward Weis (Live from Antwerp)



17/01/2011 MUHKA

Most museums in Belgium are close don Monday’s. Also MUHKA ( Museum for contemporary art of Antwerp ) is closed on a Monday. Exceptionally MUHKA opens it doors and reserve the full 2-nd floor for ARTS BIRTHDAY 2011.

A state of the union, a debate, performances and a party will happen. We promote the opening of all museums in the world on ARTS BIRTDHAY with free entrance for all visitors.

ARTS BIRTDHAY 2011 is a live mix as a soundscape of museum sounds and the repetitive reading of open / closing times from all over the world.

Recordings made in museums are welcome.
Find your preferred work of art.
Make a 5 minute recording from the fixed position in front of it

Post is as wav, flac or mp3 at
Please send info of the art work where the recording was made.

Recordings, edit, script: Ward Weis
Wilfried Bossier
Klankschap, Floris van Manen
Ronny Pringels
: Klaas Janssens

This year we organise also again the ARTS BIRTHDAY HAT webpage.
we add this year a printable petition to convince local administrations to open their museums on ARTS BIRTHDAY in the future.

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