22:00 – 22:20 [gmt] Radio Belgrade


The Art’s birthday 2012
The Sound workshop, Drama Department
Radio Belgrade 2 .Programme

17.1.2012, GMT  22.00 – 22.20
Sasa Latinovic
Devine billiards or in the search for the lost particle


Looking for the answers to the eternal questions like are “How has this world come to be and who has created it?” a man tried to explain them through the history by different assumptions and theories. If we stop at the scientifically recognized theory of “The Big bang” then we would have to stay enthusiastic about the way of originating of something so harmonious from the general chaos, being based on the laws of nature like this world is.


Because of the actual stories and Maya prediction’s calendar related to the forthcoming Doomsday or in better words “to the new era of the human civilization”, I started the adventure of telling the story of the origin of the Universe and Life on the earth by music and various sounds and murmurs. The sound structure is formed by associative stream over the choice of the music material, audio patchwork of one game of billiards being added by sound recordings of artificially caused “Big Bang” in the labs of European Organization for Nuclear Research ( CERN) In Geneva and the live performing on demanded theme.


Collisions on various levels are those that connect the “Big Bang”, sports game – billiards and the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) as a heart of the biggest experiment in the history of human beings. It has started with collisions of planets, asteroids, comets, continued with hits of billiard ball through real and virtual game, and nowadays we came to collisions of proton particles and maybe the most significant discovery of boson and elementary particle what everything originated from. With varied wiring for sound of the pool table as the microcosms,  the interesting sound picture has been got which presents just one of segments of the whole sound matrix on which several artists, depending on the roles, live perform their jam session performance.


Sound engineer of the sound material in preparation: Zoran Jerkovic 
Sound engineer of the final mix-live transmission: Zoran Maric
Editor of series –project: Predrag D. Stamenkovic


SASHA LATINOVIC,  author and director
Born 1966.  Graduated theatre and radio production from the Faculty of Drama Arts in Belgrade in 1993. He directed 35 theatre plays; among them there are the works of Cehov, Becket, Viltrak, Mrozek, Havel, and Sigarov. He was awarded several times for direction in the theatre festivals (BAP, REFRAKT, and FEDRAS). He has cooperated with Television Belgrade for a long time in children’s programme as well as Documentary. Since 2006, he has been working as the art assistant at Art Academy in Banja Luka ( Bosnia and Hercegovina) His radiophone opus occupies directs of 50 works of numerous dramas, documentary-drama programmes and his own dramatizations. He is participant of the following festivals: Prix Europa, Prix Marulic and Prix Ex Aequo.


Participants in the realization of this project:
Billiard demonstrator: Ivan Zdravkovic
Instrumental soloists: Veljko Nikolić and the group „Institut“ (4 performers together with Veljko) – percussions, sound animation of the billiard balls, rocks, metal tube etc. 
Bass guitar, sampling: Pedja Milanovic 
Voices of bosons: Jovana Đukić (Italian language), Đorđe Manić (Japanese), Milena Bojović (Chinese), Viktorija Obrnović (Russian). 
Mixed vocal octet, conductor: Predrag D. Stamenković 
Actors: Ana Sofrenović, Dragan Vujić 
Co-author of the scores, sound engineer and sound designer: Zoran Jerković 
Sound engineer and sound designer of the final mix and transmission:  Zoran Marić  
Libretto, co-author of the scores and director: Saša Latinović
Editor of the project and the serial “Sound Workshop”: Predrag D. Stamenković 
Technician of the transmission: Dragan Šćepanović