19:10 – 19:30 [gmt] RNE

Litoral (Seaboard)
(soundscapes-radio mix by José Manuel Costa and Ana Vega Toscano)

Spain is still a land with some unspoiled spaces and wild coasts. Maybe that’s the reason why a generation of field recorders has been extremely active in the last decade, generating complex sound maps of several regions or releasing a very appreciable corpus of soundscapes,. For this Art’s Birthday we propose a travel along the coasts of Spain, beginning in the north and along the shores of the Cantabrico, de Atlantic Ocean, the Gibraltar Strait and the Mediterranean Sea , in Valencia and Cataluña. This travel in 20 minutes has been realized through the Radio Clásica program Vía Límite, by José Manuel Costa, with material provided by Xavier Erkizia, Juanjo Palacios, Carlos Suárez, Chinowsky Garachana, Edu Comelles and José Manuel Berenguer.


Xabier Erkizia ( Golfo de Vizcaya)
The work of artist Xabier Erkizia is based on the search and in-depth exploration of different directions in music and sound. His installation formats, solo performances, group improvisations, and other projects combine different ideas, persons, sounds, materials and experiences. In addition to his work as an artist, he is a founding member of the ERTZ cultural association, director of the ERTZ international festival and director of the sound laboratory at the ARTELEKU contemporary art center in San Sebastian.

Juanjo Palacios (Asturias, Cantábrico)
Sound artist and phonograph recorder, Juanjo Palacios is a founding member of the Xizidium group and author of the blog “La escucha atenta”, dedicated to the phonography . In its sound projects, the digital precision merges with the acoustics of the sounds around us, creating imaginary soundscapes. 

Carlos Suarez (Galicia, Atlántico)
Composer and ethnomusicologist. Master composer by the Conservatorio Superior de Música Simón Bolívar de Caracas. Ethnomusicologist  by FUNDEF. Ha has created more than 40 acoustic and electroacoustic Works. He has composed for dance, theatre, radio, video or installations.

Chinowsky Garachana (Andalucía, Estrecho)
Sound activist and audio-kinetic artist, co-founder of the collective El Sueño de Tesla, part of La Casa Invisible, whose central work is the archive, the production and the pedagogy around an Acoustic-Visual Culture, with special care for the social subjects through new forms of creation. 

Edu Comelles (Valencia, Mediterráneo)
Graduated in Fine Arts, Edu Comelles works on sound composition since 2006. His works have been published by various netlabels. Comelles is also de curator of Audiotalaia Netlabel and he’s involved in different collective and individual projects involving sound composition and installations. 

José Manuel Berenguer  (Barcelona, Mediterráneo)
Director of the Chaos Orchestra and the Música 13 Festival, founder of Nau Côclea, member of the Bourges International Academy of Electroacoustic Music and Honorary President of the UNESCO International Music Council’s International Conference of Electroacoustic Music. 

José Manuel Costa
Critic and curator in visual and acoustic arts. Founder and co-founder of several cultural magazines and of the Art Magazine of the daily ABC. National Price of the Critic. He is the director of the program Vía Límite in Radio Clásica.