19:30 – 19:50 [gmt] Slovak Radio (Live from Bratislava)

A project of improvised electroacoustic music devoted to time. Live electronics – performance – live broadcast.

TIME is one of the basic concepts of science, philosophy and art. It refers to changefulness of the world, procedural nature of human being, existence in the world not only of things (objects) but also of events – stories. Category of time expresses the manifestation of being in relation to past, present and future. Time is associated with a permanent change. Time does not exist without changes – it means without processes. Time is connected not only with outside but also inner world of man. One perceives time, going through it, trying to take control over it partially. In particular, the art provides many opportunities how to “dominate” time. We will try to do so traditionally by our contribution to the Art’s birthday celebration; we will try to develop a performance about mutual relations between events and their relationship to the clock.

1- E=mc∧2 – Juraj Ďuriš (Dementor) – electronics
2- Unhinged Time – Michal Lichý (Urbanfailure) – sampler, electronics
3- Kairós – Matej Gyárfáš  (Phragments) – electronics
4- Loading Bay – Ján Ančic (Yank) – keyboards, electronics
5- Voland’s Circle – Vladimír Slaninka (Lion in The Sun) – electronics, guitar
6- Scratch T. – Tomáš Šataník (Shutcoo) – DJ, electronics
Ana Filip (Chaosdroid) – VJ – space umbrella, Roman Laščiak – sound design