20:10 – 20:30 [gmt] Radio Russia (Live from Moscow)

Oleg Makarov
Translucency: The Birth of Art

Electroacoustic improvisation
“Translucency” is a new solo project of Moscow composer and media artist Oleg Makarov. It is a series of compositions and improvisational sets involving a huge arsenal of modern composition, performing and technology. Each part of the project is created on the basis of specially prepared samples and software algorithms, sometimes with live instruments and some unusual stuff. Names of the parts are formed on the principle of “Translucency: something”. “Translucency” is a special kind of interaction with an acoustic or acoustic-visual material. Passing through the mind of the author it loses unambiguous meaning and acquires the ability to call up unstable associations – individual for each listener. Thus, each part of the project becomes a unique reflection of the author and the listeners on a certain or an indefinite subject.

Oleg Makarov (b.1979) – composer, sound-artist, media-artist, hardware/ software interactive systems and instruments maker. Composes music of various kinds: chamber, instrumental, vocal, electroacoustic. Since 2006 composes music for radio plays for Radio Russia and Radio Culture. Since 2004 participates in international festivals and exhibitions of modern art as a composer, author of multimedia interactive installations and performances, multi-channel algorithmic audio installations. Regularly performs his electroacoustic pieces, both composed and improvised, in various art-centers. Makes experiments in cross-media fields of arts, electronics, programming etc. Researches algorithms of sound, movement and video interactions using interactive graphical programming environments.