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continuous sounds of broken relationships

“Every passion, ultimately, has its spectator… (there is) no amorous oblation without a final theater.”2, says in the founders3 introduction to The Museum of Broken Relationships in Zagreb (http://new.brokenships.com). This Museum, the first of it’s kind, offers a chance to overcome an emotional collapse through creation: by contributing an object of the past relationship to the Museum’s collection.

Next year’s Art’s Birthday in Zagreb will be celebrated as a live session  in one of the rooms of this extraordinary Museum.

The author’s idea behind is to try to use exhibits and elements of exhibit’s descriptions as departure points for a journey in sound. The sounding material would be performed as a composition of several sequences of music, documentary sounds,  and spoken words. We would avoid narrativity of presented love stories, but focus on moments of passion, sentimental bubbles, ruptures, bitterness, irony, sweetness and all other “left overs”, in our case possible “sounding syntagmes”, that are to be found on the spot.

We don’t believe there should be any special conclusion, or a paradigm, conceived out of this research in sounds and emotions. Does the chaos of an inavoidable, painful but still beautiful, repetitive urge to try to become closer to another human being – really need any?


LANA DEBAN is a professional sound designer for radio, film and theater, and has been employed at Croatian Radio since 2003.

She received a Bachelors of Fine Arts from Tufts University in 2002, and a year later a Diploma from The School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, MA. In 2007 she received an Audio Engineering Diploma from SAE Institute.

She is the author and sound designer of several documentary radio dramas, as well as the editor of “Transonica”, a radio show dedicated to documentary sound forms airing on Croatian Radio. She has taught sound design at the Academy for Drama Arts in Zagreb from 2008 – 2011.

Her sound and video pieces have been shown on several international exhibitions, and she has received a Taktons Prize (Novi Sad) for a radio-collage “Dada” in 2007.

ANTE PERKOVIC (1973), writer and musician, author of several non-fiction books,composes music for short movies (‘Špansko kontinent’, part of an omnibus ‘Zagreb Stories’, 2009), theatre plays (‘Sutra, Sutra’, Teatar &td, Zagreb 2011, ‘Mamine prijateljice’, Rijeka 2008) and public campaignes (‘Smiling Hospital Foundation’, Hungary 2010, ‘Partnership for social inclusion’, Hrvatska 2010). Also performs as a singer/songwriter, a regular collaborator of 3rd Program of Croatian radio.

DINO BRAZZODURO (1975), studied at the Music Academy in Split, Art History and History at the University of Zadar and Zagreb.

He played guitar and contributed as an author in various rock bands in Croatia, theatre plays, some documentary and feature films.

For the 3rd Program of Croatian radio he created 2 Ars Acustica pieces: “Cantato Sensibile” and “7 silences for 7 days” . He also created and performed soundscape and music for 30 short radio forms based on the famous book “Mediterranean Breviary” (written by Predrag Matvejevic).

1 a quotation from an exhibit’s description, Museum of Broken Relationships, Zagreb
2 Roland Barthes in “A Lover’s Discourse”
3 Olinka Vistica and Drazen Grubisic