21:10 – 21:30 [gmt] RTFB (Live from Brussels)

Tomoko Sauvage (JP/FR)
waterbowls (porcelain bowls, water, hydrophones)

Born in Yokohama, Japan, she grew up with classical then jazz piano education. Fascinated by the fluid sound of water she heard on an Indian traditional instrument, she has been working on a self-developed ‘electro-aquatic’ instrument, “waterbowls”, porcelain bowls filled with water, hydrophones and electronics. She literally plays with water by touching and agitating it or by making water drops fall into the bowls. In this project, her search for musicality develops from a simple attitude of listening to nature in keeping fragile balance between being controlled and uncontrolled, repetitive and transient. She has made performances internationally and her works have been released on labels such as either/OAR (US) and dokidoki editions (FR). She uses H2a-XLR hydrophones made by Aquarian Audio Products.