21:50 – 22:10 [gmt] Swedish Radio

Maria Rosenfeld:  Plastic Materials

Swedish Radio will participate in this second slot coming from the big party in Stockholm with a live-performance by New York-based American sound-artist and composer Marina Rosenfeld.

For more information on Marina Rosenfeld please visit: http://www.marinarosenfeld.com/

Over the past decade, Marina Rosenfeld’s work has come to represent one of the most progressive approaches to experimental sound emanating from New York.

Known equally as a composer of large-scale performances and a groundbreaking turntablist, Rosenfeld has been a leading voice in the increasing hybridization between the domains of visual art and music. Her sonic palette–drawn from hand-crafted dub plates she imprints with blips of vinyl static, bursts of instrumental and electroacoustic noise, and other audio detritus–evokes both the ecstatic electronic artifice of early electronic composers like Morton Subotnik and the post-punk ferocity of Kim Gordon. In recent works, like P.A., roygbiv&b and Teenage Lontano, her acclaimed “cover version” for teenaged choir of Ligeti’s Lontano, she’s also created and deployed custom loudspeakers, inserting her music into complex scenarios where monumental spaces disperse and distort sound.

Rosenfeld’s work has been widely commissioned by institutions internationally, including in recent years the Museum of Modern Art, New York (2011), the 2002 and 2008 Whitney Biennial exhibitions, the Stedelijk Museum (2009), the Tate Modern (2006), the Serralves Museum (2011), and festivals including the Liverpool Biennial and Ultima Festival (2010), the Holland Festival (2009), and PERFORMA Biennial (2009 and 2011), Ars Electronic, Maerz Musik, Mutek and Wien Modern, among many others.

As a performer she’s collaborated with artists including Christian Marclay, Sonic Youth, and DJ Olive; Merce Cunningham Dance Company; and the art-band Text of Light, among many others. Her recordings are released by Room40 (Brisbane), Charhizma (Vienna), Innova (Minnesota), and formerly Softl (Cologne). Her last solo recording, Plastic Materials (Room40), was named a top release of 2010 by the Wire magazine.

Swedish Radio’s Art’s Birthday Party 2012 will be arranged in collaboration with Södra Teatern (http://www.sodrateatern.com/en/) and Elektronmusikstudion (http://www.elektronmusikstudion.se/). We will have artists (sound-artists/musicians/composers/dj:s) on 4 different stages from 20:00 to 03:00.