2014 / 19:00 – 19:20 [gmt] YLE / Live from Helsinki

Greenland is Melting (Grönlanti sulaa)

Radio station:                              Yle Radio 1 , Yle – Finnish Broadcasting Company
Venue/s of the event:                  Live event in Yle Radio studio
Links:                                             Yle
audio stream:                               Yle

Greenland is MeltingGreenland is Melting is a wordless sound art project. With acoustic means it depicts what climate change sounds like. The melting of glaciers is infallible proof of a changing climate. Finnish journalist Katri Henriksson travelled to the west coast of Greenland in summer 2013 to record nature and people shaped by climate change, people who live their everyday lives in that strange environment. Her destination, Ilulissat, is a place where 20 billion tons of ice erupts into the sea annually. The population of Ilulissat is 4600 and it is the most popular tourist destination in Greenland. In Midsummer, the national day was celebrated in Ilulissat, a never setting sun was shining intensely. Teenagers, newly confirmed, stood in front of the church dressed in the national costumes. The children rode their bicycles, men were playing football, bored sled dogs howled to be fed. In this sound project human speech becomes an element of sound where there’s no need to understand the words. The machines, brought there by human beings, are making sounds that remind us of the fact that climate change is caused by human being. The calving of icebergs and melting ice are the rhythmic and musical elements of this sound project. All the sounds of Greenland is Melting are authentic.

Recording and manuscript Katri Henriksson.
Sound designer Pentti Männikkö.
Producer Soila Valkama.

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