2014 / 19:05 – 19:30 [gmt] Croation Radio / Live from Zagreb


Radio station:                              Croatian Radio
Venue/s of the event:                  Music Showroom- Zagreb Student Center
Links:                                             http://www.hrt.hr
                                                         _Planet 8
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planet 8Planet 8 alias Operation Neptune: theatre suite for ensemble and (self-)reflection. A child of mixed marriage of critical and sonic experience of the world. A godchild of Maurizio Kagel’s instrumental theatre and archetypal Neptune, sound as a means of expression is most commonly associated with. A recycling fellow, it uses everything it sees and hears, tolerant, it doesn’t censor. It doesn’t spare either, it questions everything that it gets hold of, even the one in whose mental galaxy it was born. It is a natural enviroment of musicians who are not afraid of reality, but rather, in search of subversive power of music, use fragments of reality to make a new audio-visual world. That world is confusing, upsetting, encouraging, and it makes us laugh: at the same time a mirror of a not always ideal reality, as well as of the inexhaustible possibilities of its transformation.

MIRELA IVIČEVIĆ (1980.) graduated Composition from the Academy of Music in Zagreb and she finished her postgraduate studies at Universitat fur Musik und darstelende Kunst in Wien. She is the author of acoustic, electroacoustic and intermedia works, sound installations, music for film and theatre, and two operas. The majority of the works are conceptual and interdisciplinary works, dealing primarily with the role of sound in social and political context, in which she often uses acoustic side effects of modern society. Her works have been performed in Europe, North and South America. She won Theodor Koerner Prize (Ace of diamonds, 2010.) and ISCM Prize for her Vocaltheater Composition (Gender) Bender 9,99 (2011).

“I am interested in the reflective and subversive potential of sound, be it a basic or accompanying part of the concept…I think that the most useful things one can learn from any art studies are: the part of technical knowledge that will enable you to express more easily what you want, and even more important- disobedience towards authority and any other self – evidences. During my studies I was lucky enough to learn from people who share the same attitude, so I escaped the traps of academism and my archive of audio influences is devoid of stylistic and similar divisions. I have gained a lot of knowledge and inspiration through intensive collaboration with other artists, but also from the most common everyday situations and contact with different people. But I think that more important than the path one is taking and people one meets on the way is to find the optimal balance between open mindedness and critical spirit. Such path is the most exciting and the most constructive.

KAJA FARSZKY , percussion; GORAN JURKOVIĆ, saxophone; DUNJA KOBAS, violine, voice; MARIJA LEŠAJA, soprano