2014 / 19:50 – 20:10 [gmt] Romanian Radio / Live from Bukarest

Nava Spatiala

Radio station:                              Romanian Radio
Venue/s of the event:                  Studio 15 of the National Broadcasting Corporation
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NavaSpatialaA duo specialised in noisenautics, Nava Spatiala creates sounds which are based on noise/drone/ambient atmospheres, relying on apparently chaotic, unintentional and improvisational use of the spectrum. Carefully keeping you alert along their journeys by the dadaist and deconstructivist approach, they invite you to a continuous exorcism of the present – the soundscapes Nava Spatiala creates also work as a pretext for meditation. Nava Spatiala started in 2010 and their musical approach is based on field-recordings, as well as on sound synthesis.
Inspired by different techniques of altering and randomizing digital information, Nava Spatiala is a continuous critical (anarchist) exploration of the present, in a world dependent on electricity.
Building experimental drone / noise / ambient soundscapes, the duo’s second EP is, like the first, an unconventional exploration of the sound spectrum, haunted by sounds of nature and sinthetic vibrations. In order to confine their space, which they overfly extra and intra-dimensionally, Claudiu Chihaescu and Miron Ghiu make use of cricket and cicada sounds, traditional instruments and recordings of various religious ceremonies. The two challenge elements of sacred geometry, binaural frequencies that address both brain hemispheres, Alpha waves, as well as strictly subjective sound vibrations. Their journeys invite to meditation and make use of the waking state that is typical for the shamanic trance, in order to transcend the traditional communication borders and the barriers between the mind, always open for mundane stimuli, and the “motherboard” of the collective subconscious.
The series of Noisenautics EP’s started in 2012, with a digital release via AsiluumArts. The album circulates as bootleg CD, usb sticks, memory cards and online at Bandcamp.