2014 / 20:10 – 20:30 [gmt] RTVSLO / Live from Ljubljana


Radio station:                              Radio Slovenija, program ARS
Venue/s of the event:                  Studio 26, Radio Slovenija
Links:                                             Ars, Mulitmedia Center
audio stream:                               Radio Slovenija
video  stream:                                RTV SLO Multimedia Channel
                                                               RTV SLO Multimedia Channel

ludusSonorisLudus Sonoris 1954

Art’s Birthday Party’s descent on a personal level. An exciting game, a crossroads between the present and the past, reality, intuition and the subconscious.
The quest for the two improvisers, renowned Slovenian composers Uroš Rojko and Aldo Kumar is to act spontaneously, facing their pre-prepared aleatoric scores, sonic chunks taken from their former artistic deeds, their own mental opinions of themselves and their art, and, above all, facing the fact that they were born in 1954.
The course of the improvisation is controlled by an adapted Ludo-type board based on the numeric code: 1954 – 2014. The general course and pattern of the action is determined by repeatedly rolling a single die. This is directed to the performers and announced to the general public by Mr Herald. The basic requirement for Mr Herald is that he has no musical education or background. Yet, his role is significant. Being an eminence grise, he is the one who decides when the game has to move on to the next turn. All of the “history records” are kept and processed by Mr Memory Curator, who controls the Pd-based Triskelion Sampler, which enables the complex floating of chunked audio material over the sonic landscape.

Uroš Rojko, half-clarinet, prepared piano
Aldo Kumar, accordion

Igor Velše, Mr Herald
Gregor Pirš, Mr Memory Curator
three young children or an arbitrary selection of three heads-of-department to actually perform the game
Igor Likar, director
Metka Ravnik, graphic design