2014 / 21:30 – 21:50 [gmt] Radio Russia / Live from Moscow

What Odyssey had heard

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“What Odyssey had heard”
A piece for Theremin and phonogram. Odysseus hears charming, inviting and seductive voices of the Sirens. “Succumb to temptation or overcome it?”
Please, mind that one can get personal answer to this very crucial and sometimes life-critical question ONLY after listening this donation to AB!

by Olesya Rostovskaya
(composer, carillonneur, organist, thereminist)

Olesya Rostovskaya was born in 1975. Study piano at Anna Artobolevskaya class. After Russian Central Music School, from 1993 to 2000 she completes her study at Tchaikovsky Moscow Conservatory with specialization “composition” (class of Professor and head of CMC composition department – Albert Leman) and in 2001 with specialization “organ” (class of Professor Oleg Yanchenko). From 1999 she began to play Theremin with Lydia Kavina. From 2003 she began to play Russian bell tradition. From 2006 she began to play carillon. In 2008 she has graduated the Saint-Petersburg State University as carillonneur (the first in the world Russian Carillon Diploma) and in 2009 – Royal Carillon School “Jef Denyn” in Mechelen (class of Professor Jo Haazen).
Now Olesya Rostovskaya has huge activity as a composer with her compositions for symphony and chamber orchestras, different ensembles, choir, organ, carillon, Theremin, vocal, music for theater, radio, electro acoustic music, which already played in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, West Europe and USA.
Olesya Rostovskaya also is active performer with authentic, classical and contemporary repertoire and improvisations.
She recorded CD “Soul of a Bell; Russian carillon music”, she made cycles of radio-programs about theremin, organ and carillon music.
Her music was awarded by such music contests, like: Sacred music contest (1996); First National Young Composers Contest (1999); “New generation music” contest (2000); Massalitinov’s national music contest (2005); Piano improvisation contest (2006); Russian Artiada (2010)
Member of Russian Composers Union, Member of Russian Association of Electro-Acoustic Music, Member of Association of Russian Organ Art.

“Improvisation for Artificial Harp and Strange Sounds.” by Oleg Makarov.