2015 / 22:20 – 22:40 [gmt] VENTRILOQUE MEDIA/ SAOUT RADIO / Live from Naples


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Radio Munaciello:satellit
Munaciello – loosely translated as “little monk” – is a legendary creature of Neapolitan folklore. Its origins are fuzzy and very old. Many people depict him as a freaky boy or as a little man dressed as a monk, and they say that he is both of healthy and spiteful nature. Munaciello is a creature of the abyss and of the deep. He is known as a great expert of the incredible complex system of passages carved into the stone that relies just below the surface of Naples.  Wandering in the dark through the ancient underground tunnels that connects the most part of the historical city, Munaciello secretly reach people houses in the middle of the night causing much annoyance, as his presence produce eerie and dreadful sounds. He is a tireless prankster.
But Monaciello is also a beneficent spirit; he appears to people at the dead of night, especially to those who are in sorest need. He mutely beckons to them to follow him: if they have courage to do so, he leads them to some place where treasure is concealed, stipulating no conditions for its expenditure, demanding no promise of repayment, exacting no duty or service in return.
In “Radio Munaciello” listeners are invited to be brave and to let them immersed in Naples’s abyss and its underground labyrinths, to conceptually and sonically explore its specific porosity between the upstairs and the tunnels, the public and private dimensions, the sea and the land. With a register, which is comic and poetic at the same time, listeners are asked to follow the Munaciello, which becomes in the work a kind of abstract character, a no-guide for exploring the condition of darkness.
Trough improvisation and composed patterns, recordings with contact microphone and hydrophones, field recordings from Naples’ tunnels, sound objects and voices are composed to create an universe between the real and the magic, joking on a specific research: the sonic pranks.