2015 / 20:00 – 20:20 [gmt] FINNISH RADIO / Live from Helsinki


Radio station:                                 YLE
Venue/s of the event:                  YLE
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“Notes on Human Impact” (2014):
is a soundscape based on field recordings. The sounds used in creating the soundscape were recorded in places with high levels of industrial background noise. The sounds were then modified in attempt to approach our everyday sonic environment as if it was an uncontrolled composition; a constantly changing soundscape with a music-like structure. The composition focuses on the electric buzz and hum, the industrial beats of the machines and vehicles – sounds, that are easily ignored because of their banal or irritating nature. ”Notes on Human Impact” is a suggestion on how to perceive the inescapable noise pollution in a different way.

Olga Palomäki (*1980) is a visual and sound artist based in Helsinki, Finland. Combining several different mediums, her work often deals with social issues and taboos, such as the concepts of alienation, otherness, loneliness, and death. Her works also discuss human impact on the environment. She is fascinated by the lost, forgotten and the unseen. Her works have been on display in several solo- and joint exhibitions, film-and video festivals and screenings and sound art radio shows in Finland and other European countries. She graduated from Tampere University of Applied Sciences, Fine Arts Programme in 2007 (BA).