2015 / 22:40 – 23:00 [gmt] SWR / Live from Freiburg


Radio station:                                 SWR
Venue/s of the event:                  E-WERK Freiburg
Links:                                                 fg-karlsruhe
                                                              swr 2
                                                             Mike Ladd
                                                              Damali Young

audio stream:                              hfg-karlsruhe
video stream:                               swr 2

Word and music amalgamate, when the poet, performer, librettist and MC Mike Ladd is celebrating his Art’s Birthday. On this occasion he is joining forces with Juice Aleem, one of the finest MCs the UK has ever produced, and keyboarder Tahiti boy and the drummer, singer and guitarist Damali Young.

“Everything needs a birthday – how you guys know the big bang took place in mid January – Is a mystery but I’ll take your word for it. I’m just glad Art is around, alive and… doing ok – a couple of big recent improvements since Art’s birth during the big-bang. First-off, we are no longer subject to the whims of kings and queens in order to live off Art- of course with the relative millisecond of purchasable recorded music over and the rise of advertising dynasties, that might be a luxury short lived – Hopefully other media can avoid the fiefdoms – Another big improvement: traveling minstrels can travel less thanks to Art’s junkie nephew – Internet. And if minstrels travel with things Internet can’t shoot-up/inject/imbibe, like t-shirts and posters, the wandering minstrel can live ok.  With the end of the seemingly endless agrarian age and the blink some called the industrial age – humans now have more time than ever and we are feeding Art like crazy! Art is getting fat and farts a lot. I like it when it farts! Happy birthday buddy!
eat well!”
(Mike Ladd)

Mike Ladd Band
Mike Ladd: voice, electronics, keys
Juice Aleem: voice
Tahiti Boy: keys

Damali Young: drums, voice