2015 / 19:30 – 19:50 [gmt] Radio Romania / Live from Bukarest


Radio station:                                 Radio Romania
Venue/s of the event:                  15th Studio at Radio Romania
Links:                                                The space Pod
                                                             Random Form
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combine electronic tones, bursts of noise, drones from field recordings and found sounds with layers of digitally processed guitar sounds to create a soundtrack for vast spaces and bleak landscapes.

Randomform started producing electronic music in 2005 and, since then, he explored multiple faces of this phenomenon under many stage names, according to his wish to be a DJ, a producer or a remixer. His pieces and remixes were published by labels and netlabels, he published personalized DJ mixes and was broadcasted by international radios. “Displaying extraterrestrial diversions, microscopic attention to detail and oblique movements, a peculiar vision of future worlds unveils itself, if somewhat subliminally. Darkened by fractured beats and moody digital-signal-processing, Randomform releases a swarm of insects flying over the radar of experimental electronics.” [igloomag.com]

Mÿshubé is a violin player with an academic diploma and a self-thaught guitarist. He is active both on the symphonic scene and on the independent one. Mÿshubé is a member of the groups Avant’n’Gard, Soare Staniol, Bucium and Trei Parale, and collaborated with artists such as Cătălin Milea, Mircea Florian, Norzeatic, Iordache, Nu & Apa neagră, Marcus Beuter (Germania), Mr Delagare (Franta), Nik Baertsch (Elvetia), Trey Gunn (USA). He participated in national and international festivals, for live performances or with audio installations.