2015 / 19:00 – 19:20 [gmt] WARD WEIS / Live from Antwerp


Radio station:                                 Ward Weis
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Ward Weis has this year 2 projects for Art’s Birthday:
OKEW, The EBU satellite transmission
FOLD A HAT, The Art’s Birthday HAT website

(one kilogram estimated wait)
On the occasion of our 10-th Art’s Birthday from Antwerp we decided to make it a real birthday event.
To celebrate both birthday’s we decided to have as we do by Flemish tradition with “mosselen met frieten “ ( mussels with French fries )
One kilogram is the portion mussels needed per person.
We make a sonic recipe for radio with the traditional ingredients, mussels, onion, celery, leek, dry white wine and black pepper.
But we show our respect to the Belgian Fluxus Artist Marcel Broodthaers who is worldwide known for his “  la grande casserole des moules “. We visit this personally as part of a road movie to Ghent and Ostend to meet this masterpiece of art.
Klaas Janssens & Ward Weis are the cooks, drivers, recordists, editors & mixers …
Planktone produces.

(from 16/12/2014 CET > 18/01/2015 12:00 CET)
Robert Filliou, father of Art’s Birthday is best known by his photograph wearing a paper folded hat.
As part of our Art’s Birthday 10-th contribution, we decided to have a contest for the most beautiful, original, crazy, hilarious, … hat we receive for our HAT-website.
The prize is a little hand folded pure golden hat made by the Antwerp  jeweller Jean Marie Hoegaerts