2015 / 20:50 – 21:10 [gmt] Radio Russia / Live from Moscow


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“Synaesthesia”  – a project of  Tatyana Kolganova and Olesya Rostovskaya  is a tribute to Eugene Murzin who build his first  ANS synthesizer in Moscow in 1958. This year we are celebrating 100 year anniversary of this great man who  realized the idea   to melt together composing, performing and recording of music.
ANS “reads” graphic image on a glass pane and converts it into sound. The conversion of images into sound is not a circus, not a show, not the external effect but the basic constructive method of ANS synthesizer.
Tatiana Kolganova is  a graphic artist and she proposed no ANS her specially designed images.
Olesya Rostovskaia as a  composer wrote “note” score for ANS.
Both artists produced picturesque imageries and powerful sound.
At the exhibition in Music Culture (Glinka) Museus in Moscow six scores are exhibited in six light boxes, Three  were created by graphic  artist, the three – by the  composer.
In our program you will have a unique possibility to hear  this project live.

Tatiana Kolganova was born in 1976 in Moscow.  Russian  visual artist now  lives in the Hague. Her interests  are  extremely broad – drawing, printmaking (woodcut, lithography, etching), painting (oil), graphic design, installation, photography and  film making.

Olesya Rostovskaya was born in 1975.  In 2000 she completes her study at Tchaikovsky Moscow Conservatory with specialization “composition” (class of Professor and head of CMC and in 2001 with specialization “organ”.
Olesya Rostovskaya has huge activity as a composer with her compositions for symphony and chamber orchestras, different ensembles, choir, organ, carillon, Theremin, vocal, music for theater, radio, electro acoustic music, which already played in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, West Europe and USA.
Olesya Rostovskaya also is active performer with authentic, classical and contemporary repertoire and improvisations.
She recorded CD “Soul of a Bell; Russian carillon music”, she made cycles of radio-programs about theremin, organ and carillon music.
Her music was awarded by such music contests, like: Sacred music contest (1996); First National Young Composers Contest (1999); “New generation music” contest (2000); Massalitinov’s national music contest (2005); Piano improvisation contest (2006); Russian Artiada (2010)