2015 / 21:10 – 21:30 [gmt] RTVSLO / Live from Ljubljana

Merry. Dynamic. Relative

Radio station:                                 RTVSLO
Venue/s of the event:                  Radio Slovenia, Studio 14
Links:                                                cirkulacija2
                                                             Irena Tomažin
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Merry. Dynamic. Relative.
Poems by Slovenian avantgarde poet Srečko Kosovel (1904-1926) are imbued with prophecies of decaying Europe, anxious feelings from 1920s, images of mechanic and electric age and other visions. In »Merry. Dynamic. Relative.« five artists will enter this mind field. Word fragments, improvised reactions, electroacoustic, electromechanic, even electromagnetic soundscapes will be created by two distinguished Slovene improvising musicians vocalist Irena Tomažin and drummer Vid Drašler, joined by three members of Cirkulacija 2 collective – Boštjan Leskovšek will provide sound loops, Stefan Doepner will include his light-sound device jedinica_jedan vol.2 and Borut Savski will perform with computer and tastature.

Vid Drašler is a drummer and percussionist. In recent years he is active as an improviser on the fields of freely improvised music and free jazz. With his working trio »Drašler/Karlovčec/Drašler« he released an album »Stir«, he recorded solo album »Kramljanja«, among other groups he plays in trio Trojnik, Orchestra Senza Confini and in several ad-hoc improvising groups and situations. He takes a great part in activities of »Sploh« institute and fights stupidity with humanistic-artistic association »O«.

Irena Tomažin graduated at the University of Ljubljana – Department of Philosophy. She was actively involved in the art of dance and theater since secondary school In 2001 she made her dance debut Hitchcock’s Metamorphoses and in 2005 her second solo Caprice, which focused on the voice. After this solo she started to work more intensively on the voice. Today the main focus of her professional activity are working with voice in the context of contemporary performing practices, concerts, improvised music, and voice-workshops.Since 2006 she runs her solo project for voice and dictaphones iT. In 2011 she produced an album Crying Games, produced by Atol Institute, together with Aldo Ivančić and in 2014 published an album The Taste of Silence, with music from her performance The Taste of Silence Always Resonates.

Cirkulacija 2 is an Art production collective from 2007 onwards – with ongoing activities to present the platforms for transmedial public and working situations. Art and technology and so-called cultural interfaces are pivots of communication – along with aesthetic expression. With us the sound is the connecting tissue – the basic abstract content. At the Art’s Birthday 2015 situation the three C2 participants have made aestethic decisions on the nature of sounds in the manner that they select/ define the sources of sound. Electricity, mechanics, semantics, that tell the story. A glass of wine is not the same as glass of milk.. What to select: exuberation or cure?

Borut Savski is an intermedia artist and experimetal composer. From 1994 he explores the field of sond and the presentation forms. Member of collectives Trivia Art (from 2004) and Cirkulacija 2 (from 2007) and author of his own projects (from1999). In praxis participated with numerous music and sound projects that crossed the culturally separated fields, until the moment in time shown that it doesn’t need the experiment anymore.

Boštjan Leskovšek ROR is a sound artist, bringing together the philosophical aspects with the praxis of sound situations. His vocabulary can be concrete or artificial sounds, the flow of sound can also be of natural or artificial causes. Avantgardism of breaking the mirror into random pieces and situationist gazing at them presents the first wing of freedom within ROR’s expression. In here ROR acts as a child who breaks the toy only to be able to use it later in a different way.

Stefan Doepner is builder of robots, robotic mechanisms, musician with robotic instruments. Born in 1966 in Bremen (Germany). Studied Fine Arts and experimental film in Bremen (1991/1996). From mid-eighties works as intermedia artist. His fields are mostly technology supported art, robotics and sound art. Among other things he co-founded f18 Institute for art, informatics and technology (1996), Obrat Art Association (2006, Ljubljana) and Cirkulacija2 (2007, Ljubljana). Currently lives and works in Ljubljana.

Curators: Igor Likar, Primož Trdan.