2016 / 19:00 – 19:20 [gmt] Ward Weis / Live from Bornem

VLOT (raft)

Radio station:                                PLANKSTROOM
Venue/s of the event:                  Antwerp / Bornem / Public Swimming pool Breeven
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The raft of the medusa, a famous painting made by Théodore Géricault.
1816, 150 slaves trying to survive the sinking of the Medusa. Only 15 were rescued from a raft.

200 years later, refugees cross the Mediterranean Sea in very poor conditions. Many of them lose their lives.

ART ‘S BIRTHDAY Antwerp reflects this with a live performance by the ensemble
“S P ! T S B E R G E N ‘ in a composition / soundscape by George De Decker & Ward Weis for a floating public in the municipal swimming pool BREEVEN, Bornem near Antwerp .
S P ! T S B E R G E N is: Barbara Ardenois (accordion), Michel Labryère (contra bass), Joost Van Duppen (live electronics), Sophie Baguet (harp) en Berlinde Deman (bass Tuba)


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