2016 / 21:30 – 21:50 [gmt] Radio Russia/ Live from Moscow

Kurt Liedwart / Oleg Makarov

Radio station:                                 Radio Russi
Venue/s of the event:                  +
Links:                                                 Kurt Liedwart 

audio stream:                              +
video stream:                               +

Experimental improvised music. Both musicians have been playing together for a long time already and they used different instruments for their different projects. Oleg Makarov played clarinet and computer, Kurt Liedwart used to perform on computer, now they expanded their instruments. Oleg included developments of his own design as well as his own computer applications, Kurt created his own instrument using computer, light electronics, electromagnetic devices, analog synthesizer, effects pedals, radio, field recordings and samples. To avoid repeating themselves and discover the new and the unexpected they decided to improvise only and that doesn’t spoil them to get to the needed sound remaining independent from the means to an end.

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