2016 / 19:20 – 19:40 [gmt] NASIA Radio/ Live from Toronto

Making Waves Soundhacking Performance

Radio station:                                 NAISA Radio in partnership with OCADU
Venue/s of the event:                  OCADU
Links:                                                 +

audio stream:                              NAISA Radio
video stream:                               +

A weekend of soundhacking workshops (Jan 9 & 10),  where participants will build electromagnetic coil pick ups, VLF receivers, contact mics and micro-radio transmitters, leads to a multi-location transmission event exploring sounds and radio frequencies that are present in the environment but normally inaudible to the human ear. A mobile sound recordist will transmit  the interactive spatial listening experience to NAISA Radio listeners during Art’s Birthday. This broadcast  will also be heard over Satellite radio as part of the EBU “Art’s Birthday” celebrations world-wide.

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