2016 / 20:00 – 20:20 [gmt] RTVS / Live from Bratislava

Schrödinger´s CATch [In vivo (meta)physics]

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Radio and Television Slovakia (RTVS): cultural channel Radio Devin
Venue/s of the event:                  A4 Space for Contemporary Culture
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The cat undoubtedly belongs to articles that currently enjoy one of the highest positions in search and demand rank online.  However, the reason of this fact is rather to be explained by a significant shift in people´s thinking than by the cat´s soft and velvet fur which shall not be deemed so important. A cat, closed in a cyanide box had once and forever entered the history of the mankind and she did it with a big bang indeed. Doing so, the cat astonished everybody who thought they perfectly understand the existence rules of the world. She managed this by a very special entree using a trick worth of a magician: being dead and alive at the same time. This impertinency had immediately been intensively criticised by all wise heads including Albert Einstein who did not like the idea of God playing dice. However, in the famous Gedanksexperiment by cat´s “father” Ervin Schrödinger, no living creatures were endangered as this was an experiment in pure idea level only. Using an instrument of simple reasoning, it reveals the big mystery of quantum physics. If a particle possesses the ability to be present at two different places at once, then we can deduce that the cat should at the same time be both dead and alive. This deduction lasts until we shall check it.

In Schrödinger´s Cat we shall in an unconventional way have a look at the physical effects which had so far been leaving the scientists sleepless, even those who are considered to be the most important representatives of their age. In this piece the terms as for instance quantum superposition or quantum entanglement shall be translated into music language with the attempt to create an art of in vivo physics. Various musicians being a part of diverse constellations shall transform complex theories into musical forms and thus try to make the Schrödinger´s cat sing.

The work is enriched by documentary inserts, based on interviews with common people to whom the physical paradox had been shortly introduced in a brief sketch. Furthermore the above mentioned shall be complemented by world literature quotations that correspond to the duality issue in terms of materia, reality and mankind being. The citations themselves are set by the authors into confrontation, resulting in a mutual literary relationship with antagonistic tendencies.

Referring to our cat, it would probably be difficult to listen and not to listen at the same time. We therefore strongly recommend choosing the first option!