2016 / 21:00 – 21:20 [gmt] RTS/ Live from Belgrad

Sindidun Mitologike

Radio station:                                 
Radio Belgrade
Venue/s of the event:                 Barutana, Belgrade Fort and Studio 6, Radio Belgrade
Links:                                                 The Orthodox Celts

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Inspired by the poem ‘Sally Gardens’ by William Butler Yeats, this ars acustica piece speaks of the parallel between the Irish (Celtic) and Serbian mythology and history.  It merges the Celtic origins with the following Serbian history based on the same location, known as Kalemegdan, which was a place of life for the Celts and was former known as ‘round fort’, or, ‘sindidun’, which is how this project got it’ name. It is an unfulfilled love story between two cultures that share not only this location, but many other cultural references.

The project will be realized with the Belgrade band ‘The Orthodox Celts’, who perform their original work inspired by Irish traditions and music scene.

Participants in this Project:
Ana Sofrenović – vocal, voice
Milan Vašalić – Bagpipes

Orthodox Celts:
Aleksandar Petrović, Dejan Grujić, Vladan Jovković, Nikola Stanojević, Bojan Petrović, Dušan Živanović, Dejan Lalić

Irish Dance Belgrade:
Kristina Stojković, Jelena Stevanović, Vukašin Damjanović, Nina Stojanović

Sound engineer, the sound matrix: Zoran Uzelac

Sound engineer, the final mix and transmission sound design: Zoran Marić

Director and dramaturge: Milenija Stamenković

Editor: MA Predrag D. Stamenković

Production: Sound Workshop, Drama Department, Radio Belgrade