2016 / 19:00 – 19:10 [gmt] Czech Radio / Live from Prague and Tokyo

TOKYO-PRAGUE signals situation

Radio station:                                Czech Radio

Venue/s of the event:                  Studio RS2 in Czech Radio
Links:                          _                       Michal Cáb
                                      _                        Tetsuo Kogawa 
                         _     _                              Ito Tari
audio stream:                        _      LISZT (19:00 – 19:10 GMT)

Transmittion of small overture for Art’s Birthday’s program.

Celebration of Art’s birthday is affair universal and global. Various places and artists are connected, share their contributions and the works that prepared for this occasion. As well as media artist and writer Tetsuo Kogawa and Czech artist and musician Michal Cáb follow up on their earlier meetings – this time at more remotely already over the internet bridge between Tokyo and Prague. Tetsuo Kogawa in Tokyo will improvise during his live radio performance on his micro FM transmitters by creating fluctuations of electromagnetic fields. The point is airwaves and therefore the sound and the images are his own compromise for letting the audience perceive the fluctuations. No one can directly explicitly perceive the airwaves over 500KHz and 80MHz. Michal Cáb will bend this live improvisation by his own noise processing and complement with recording of voice by Japanese performer Ito Tari, which was taken by Michal Cáb during his recent artistic residency in Tokyo.

Signal transmission recorded in Prague (Michal Cáb):
TOKYO-PRAGUE signals situation

Signal transmission recorded in Tokyo (Tetsuo Kogawa):