2017 / 19:00 – 19:20 [gmt] live from Stockholm

ENGRAM(world premiere, commissioned by Swedish Radio for Euroradio Art’s Birthday 2017) by Lisa Nordström

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To create a memory of an experience the conscious part of our brain creates a unique path – a memory trace. Every time we remember this the brain tries to follow the original information line. But the starting point is new each time and is mixed up with impulses and emotions on it’s way. In the end the brain is constantly creating new and slightly altered memories.

In the piece ENGRAM, Lisa Nordström process thoughts on how we constantly edit our memories, filtering them, adding and subtracting and choosing what memories to display.
And in it’s outskirts lies oblivion, what is forgotten.

The fragility of the phenomenon of encapsulating our memories in a museum or in our selves in a frozen timeline of facts.
We constantly resample our experiences and impulses trigger memory loops in our brains filtered through new emotions and new memories. Fragmented pieces invariably altering and changing.
Memories are also signals- physical yet invisible. Just like sound waves.
The music/sounds for the piece has been recorded at the Radio Museum in Göteborg. Using local broadcasting techniques the sounds has been processed through radios from different time periods, all with a unique sound and history.
Sounds, music and lyrics by Lisa Nordström.
Vocal appearance by Marian Gold and Lisa Nordström.

Lisa Nordström:
Swedish musician, composer and producer.
Lisa Nordström works in a wide spectrum of genres: live improvisation, electronic music, defragmented pop and experimental sound art. The music ranges from live improvised experimental music to complex structured electronic music compositions.
Nordström uses electronic sounds, field recordings, voice and acoustic instruments such as bass flute and sounding objects creating her layered and intricate sound worlds.
Her work is marked by a unique and personal approach to mixing organic and electronic sounds, often in interaction with the space, the audience and a site specific situation.

Nordström was formerly part of the internationally celebrated duo Midaircondo and is currently focusing on her work as a solo artist and the international film and music project Sonica Sequence.

Nordström’s works have been presented in festivals and venues all over the world: Sónar, Sonar Sound Tokyo, Volt Festival, Dense Bamako Danse, Mutek Festival, Molde Jazzfestival, Nordic Cool, Transitos Habana and Berlin Music Week among others.
Nordström have released music for various labels and upcoming release is the album Sonica Sequence (2017).
Besides touring and recording/releasing music, Nordström composes for dance, theatre, exhibitions, TV and film.