2017 / 19:20 – 19:30 [gmt] live from Brno

Collective composition no 1

Radio station:                                 Czech Radio Vltava / rAdioCUSTICA
Venue/s of the event:                  PRAHA/forum for the architecture and media
Links:                                                   RAHA/forum for the architecture and media
                                                                Moravian gallery in Brno
                                                                AB CZ FCB 

audio stream:                                 Radioart
video stream:                                  +

Collective composition no.1 is the first in the series of collective and community compositions. It was initiated at compositional courses Trstěnice 2013 as a one common blank paper without written instructions nor title, transferred through personal meetings, discussions and mutual verbal agreement. The 12 participating composers are signed at the backside of the paper.
Verbal instruction: Compose one musical idea.
Initiator: Ján Podracký
Collective of composers: Clarence Barlow, Jeff Beer, Ryszard Lubieniecki, Petra Machková, Lucie Vítková, Jan Kotyk, Jáchym Novotný, Jan Ryant Dřízal, Martin Koniar, Michal Huska, Klára Hedvika Mühlová, Pavel Zemek Novák