2017 / 19:20 – 19:40 [gmt] live from Vienna

„virtually impossible“ by Bernhard Breuer, with Josef Klammer in Graz and Pavel Fajt in Brno

Radio station:                                 ORF
Venue/s of the event:                  ORF RadioKulturhaus, Studio 3
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ORF RadioKulturhaus, Studio 3 – 20:00 – 21:00
(on air: 11.05 pm – 00.00 am, Ö1 Kunstradio-Radiokunst, Radio Ö1, 92.0 FM)

„The network is everlasting“, said Robert Filliou, and Kunstradio’s contribution to Art’s Birthday 2017 is an attempt to play with the pros and cons of this artists’ network, both technically and conceptually.

Bernhard Breuer, one of Austria’s best drummers, amongst others for the acclaimed group Electro Guzzi, has developed the concept for the performance “virtually impossible”:

In a concentrated concert situation in Studio 3 at the ORF Funkhaus in Vienna, he will play in front of the audience, while being connected with Josef Klammer in esc medien kunst labor Graz and Pavel Fajt in Brno via ISDN and Webstream.
Breuer will – as other artists have tried more or less successfully in previous Kunstradio projects – try to realize the impossible: to bridge the distance and actually play together, to ignite some kind of non-verbal communication despite of the physical absence. There will be delays and deferrals, obviously, and the only common denominator will be the pre-concerted pace. And this is where the impossible might become real, where the unexpected might happen. The result will be a ca. 20 min. performance, played by different percussionists on different spots, held together by rhythm and delay. A special radio mix will be done in which one can hear all three performers together, this mix will be the Kunstradio contribution to the Art’s Birthday EBU EURORADIO parties.

Bernhard Breuer
lives and works as musician in vienna
actual projects:
– Elektro Guzzi (w/ Jakob Schneidewind, Bernhard Hammer)
– Metalycee (w/Nik Hummer, Melita Jurisic)
– Tumido (w/ Gigi Gratt, Mario Stadler)
– Innode (w/Stefan Nemeth, Steven Hess)
appearances (selection):
Mutek festival Montreal, Moving Sound festival New York, Save Festival Moscow, 2days Art Festival Den
Haag, „I.D.E.A.L Festival“ Nantes, Sonar Festival Barcelona, „Klangwald Festival“ Riga, Rokolektiv
Bukarest,Kulturaustausch Tel Aviv-Wien 2009, Kulturforum Rom, „evenings of new music“ Bratislava,
„stimul“ Festival Prag…..
„Festival Music Unlimited“ Wels, „Feldkirch Festival“, „Steyrischer Herbst“ Graz, „4020 Festiva“l Linz, „V:NM Festival“ Graz, „Festival Soundbridges“ Wien, „Jazzfestival Saalfelden“.

Pavel Fajt (* 26. December 1957 Brno)
the Moravian avant-garde musician, unorthodox drummer, musical arranger and producer of European importance.
Brno musician Pavel Fajt belongs to a group of alternative music genres, His music is almost always moving somewhere between world music, art-rocku, folk-rock and experimental music amplified. Has been performing from the time of his studies at the Technical University in Brno, where he worked briefly in the music groups Nucleus, then also in the student group, yet we agreed. This was followed by the occasional appearance with folk musicians, The most famous is singer-songwriter Václav Koubek and non-conformist folk music and word musician Iva Bittová, with which first featured in the duo, then in a trio called Team. The trio then gave rise to significant musical formation Danube, which belonged to the most significant reveals Brno alternative scene at the end 80. let 20. century to the early years 90. Iva Bittová performed at many concerts throughout Europe and overseas, was also a music producer of several of her solo albums. Since 1980 is also dated his cooperation with the Brno Theatre Goose on a String, for which created incidental music for several performances. He is also the author of music for several theater performances in Prague.

Josef Klammer
born 1958, Lienz / Easttirol / Austria
Worked initially as a photographer, studied drums at Music University Graz

Since the middle of the 80’s the musician and media artist has worked continuously developing his instruments and sound whilst maintaining his involvement in research and the transformation of media immanent music potentials.

1994 Award for computermusic, Ministry of Art and Science
2003 Elektronic Award 2003 for the “Klammer&Gruendler Duo“, of the ELAK Vienna and Musikforum Viktring
2015 Award of Distiction / Prix Ars Electronica 2015

Exhibitions, sound installations and music Projekte in Vienna, Hongkong, Sevilla, New York, Karlsruhe, Berlin, Darmstadt, Katzow, Rimini, Paris
Music for TV and movies; radio plays and radio programs for the ORF (Austrian Braodcast Corporation)
Stage music for productions at theatres in Hamburg, Stuttgart, Schwerin, Gera, Ljubljana, Klagenfurt, Linz and Graz and in Wiener Festwochen
Artist in Residence at ZKM Karlsruhe (08) and IEM / Musik University Graz (01, 03, 08, 09)
Numerous and regular concerts and recordings with a wide variety of ensembles playing New Improvised Electronic and Experimental Music
Jury for Prix Ars Electronica (Digital Music), Styrian Cultural Initiativ and IGNM/Austria
Curator for diverse festivals and initiatives, music projects and workshops on schools.