2017 / 19:50 – 20:10 [gmt] live from Barcelona

“Wandering Star” by Alfredo Costa-Monteiro

Radio station:                                 Catalunya Música (CCMA)
Venue/s of the event:                  Caixafòrum, Barcelona
Links:                                                   http://www.catmusica.cat/index_cm.htm

audio stream:                                 http://www.catmusica.cat/index_cm.htm
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Alfredo Costa-Monteiro“Wandering star” is an essay on similarity. The process is simple and is led by a simple question: is a percussion sound recognizable as such, once its attack has been cut?
This question has served as a conceptual guide for this piece, putting together many recorded percussion sounds with electronic ones, due to their similarity in timbre and harmonics.
In addition, some other percussion sounds, also similar to the recorded ones, are played live in order to create an erray of junction points that evolve in a state of suspension. A mix of resonances that seem to wander in time and space, and that conducts to a sonic and mental instrospective mood.
Alfredo Costa-Monteiro, live electronics
Luís Tabuenca, percussion