2017 / 20:40 – 21:00 [gmt] live from Utrecht

Climate of Pi

Radio station:                                 Concertzender – Café Sonore (19-23 gmt)
Venue/s of the event:                  Radio studio Concertzender (Utrecht)
Links:                                                  http://www.concertzender.nl/?s=cafe+sonore


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Climate of Pi
(for Animoog and Voice)

Bianca Holst about the Art’s Birthday composition “Climate of Pi”.

“One million and 64 years ago, when art invented itself, there came an end to the exclusiveness on creativity by Nature. Therefore “congratulations again, Art, after all these years”! We wish you a million years more in full alertness and wonder.
When the size of a circle was measured by man, infinity got caught in a point on a line, in time and in the moment of its conception.
Is infinity in the art of nature or is it in the nature of art?
Is it the art of nature that we fear?
Is it the nature of art that we desire?
The influence of man can be found in the rising temperature of the atmosphere and the oceans, in changes in the global water cycle, in the reducing of the amount of snow and ice, in the rising sea levels and in climate extremes. Mankind is creating an artificial climate to survive in. In fact one could consider this as the ultimate “Gesammt Kunstwerk”. As an artist, I am tempted to praise this human creativity. I start my compositions by creating new sounds that directs one into the atmosphere of the story or the subject of the piece. Then I take a long period of time to research the sounds and ‘tame’ them into the tonal scale of my choice. At a certain point the music takes over and inspires me to endure and appreciate the unprecedented, so I can approach possibilities I could not have imagined on forehand. You can describe this phase of playing and listening as “jozfuzzy” and “modesticative”.
What follows next is the studio work of editing, mixing and mastering, a phase which can be intense and reassuring at the same time. It is a privilege to work with electronics because I often discover sound potentials that seemed to be hidden. A big tribute to the instrument builders! There is no fixed standard, it is a very intuitive process. There’s no score for other musicians to perform the work. This might seem a shortcoming but, to describe all technical proceedings is far too complex. But is that bad? As a performing composer in the digital power age I can instantly share my music with listeners in the medium in which the music originally was created. Due to the recording techniques of today, acoustic music can be understood as a kind of ‘neo-realistic experience’. Because of this aspect, my answer is a clear “Yes” when people ask me “do you also play a “real” instrument?”
The Climate of Pi is a life radio performance for the Arts in which I want to approach people in a sensitive intimate way and ‘shelter’ them in the vast “climate of Pi”, where the wind may blow through the bones, the sun can melt the heart, thunder will make one tremble, the coolness of the lake will refresh one’s mind and of course the radio will electrify the air.”

Bianca Holst (Aalst 4-12-1955)
For many years Bianca Holst has been working as an artist in interdisciplinary projects. She composes music, she directs theatre plays, she writes stories and poetry, she performs as a musician and conceptual improviser and she is artistic leader of “Stichting COM” (Foundation of Composers of Original Music).
She initiated many contemporary experimental music concerts and theatre and film productions with professionals and amateurs. She also performs as a solo sound- and voice artist in festivals and on special occasions. Her work has been presented on radio, television and in various theatres. Besides her work as a ‘Musisch-Artist’ she is practising Oki-do yoga and Tao healing.
Her roots can be found in Brabant. She grew up in an artistic family with passion for music and art. Her father was an architect and her mother an interior designer.
Her grandfather, the physicist Gilles Holst, is the founding father of Philips NatLab which is now called Philips Research. He was the founder of the first electronic music studio in the Netherlands and he also played the violin. Her uncle was a talented trumpet player and improviser on the grand piano.
Bianca grew up in a house with many corridors, rooms and mysterious places. She liked to listen to the sounds of voices and music mingled with the sounds from outdoors, the singing of the birds in the garden and the ‘stories’ of the wind in the creaking forest. During these ‘magical’ early days of her childhood, which are still the main source of inspiration for her artwork, her musical fantasy came to life and ‘triggered’ her to sing and to act.
At a young age she discovered radio as an instrument. She used to explore the noisy sounds coming out of the radio by pushing the buttons and moving up and down the frequency bands and whenever her eyes caught an instrument she tried to play it.
When she was eight years old, she discovered the music of contemporary composers such as Luigi Nono. His sound language, his theatricality and his spatial instrumentation opened the world she wanted to live in.
After years of working with various devices she recently restricts her equipment to just the Animoog anisotropic synth engine for iPad. Her unique compositions for touch screen can be described as contemporary and archaic at the same time. In her performances she switches easily from the theatrical to the meditative and guides the listener to explore ‘inner landscapes’ and territories unknown. Currently she is working on a cycle called “Waterbekken”. The first part is “Ode to the natural reaction.”

– Vrije Akademie Psychopolis, Den Haag.
– Film: (o.a. Frans Zwartjes)
– Sound: (o.a. Michel Waisvisz en Hero Wouters )
– Directing, acting Theaterschool, Amsterdam. (Ton Lutz, Leonard Frank, Shireen Strooker).
– Study courses Kabuki en Noh theater in Japan, Invisible Theater Augusto Boahl.
– Voice: Roy Hart method, Frank groothof, Ernst Boreel, Viviane de Muynck, Lucia Meeuws.
– East West Centre, Amsterdam.
– Oki-do yoga centre, hatha and Iyengar Yog, Laren.
– Centre for Healing en bioenergetics, Groningen
– School for Intuitive development, Utrecht.