2017 / 21:00 – 21:20 [gmt] live from Belgrade

Hello from Arsenije for Arts Birthday 2017

Radio station:                                 Radio Belgrade
Venue/s of the event:                  Studio 6 of Radio Belgrade
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audio stream:                                 Live streaming will be possible
video stream:                                  +

It will be in vivo improvising multilayer upgrading and spontaneous sound and musical reactions from the side of the group of musicians and performers in studio on the (by Radio Belgrade jury) award-winning composition (from the tape) by the authors Ilinka Colic and Arsenije Jovanovic

percussionist: Mr. Milosh Keser
bass voice: Mr. Milosh Gashic
children choir: Kolibri
counter bass: Mr. Petar Krznanic
voice: Ms. Milenija Stankovic
sound engineers in the process of preparation the event: Mr. Zoran Jerkies, Mr. Milan Filipovic and Zoran Uzelac
sound engineer in studio on 17th: Zoran Maric