2018 / 19:40 – 20:00 [gmt] live from ANTWERPEN


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Venue/s of the event:                 MUHKA / Antwerp
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A tribute to Pierre Henry.

S-O-N-N-E-Z is an audio-visual installation with met letters and doorbells by George De Decker and Ward Weis.
Inspired by Pierre Henry’s own doorbell. Is it a traditional “TRING” or “DING-DONG” or something more imaginary ? George De Decker and Ward Weis search in Pierre Henry’s own sound pieces and tries to find a possible answer.

S-O-N-N-E-Z will be live streamed via YOUTUBE and EURORADIO.

George De Decker
was born on 31 August 1951 in Asse.

He studied at the Royal Flemish Conservatory of Antwerp and received first prizes for piano (1975) and harmony (1977). De Decker followed composition with Willem Kersters in Antwerp and with André Laporte in Brussels.
He composed a number of works in the Institute for Psychoacoustics and Electronic Music (IPEM) in Ghent. With Lineas y puntos, a work for large orchestra and tape, he became a laureate of the Tenuto composition competition in 1980.
De Decker taught piano and harmony for 17 years at the conservatory of Mechelen and the music academy of Asse.
He currently composes for film and TV, performances, dance and theatre productions.


Ward Weis
Sound engineer / artist / designer
Antwerp / Belgium 1956.

Studied Film & Sound at NARAFI / Brussels.
Worked for VRT ( Flemish radio & television ) as engineer for music, drama, features.
Lectured Sound Design at the Royal Academy for fine Arts of Antwerp.
Readings about listening in time & space.
Works for radio, television, theatre, galleries, the web …
Won first prize with “ THE FALL” a composition for radio for CMC / RNE Madrid 1994.