2018 / 20:50 – 21:10 [gmt] live from HELSINKI

Birth of Uncool

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Jukka Hannukainen’s and Jussi Kärkkäinen’s electroacoustic duo Orchestre Singularitat performs a 20-minute live piece using modular synthesizers, effect pedals, electric guitar, contact microphones and a radio Receiver.

Jukka Hannukainen and Jussi Kärkkäinen have been collaborating for over two decades, playing together in several bands and composing and doing sound design, mainly for theatre.
They share a common interest in approaching all sound as music, as well as using extensive improvisation when working on a piece. The two originally met while studying sound design at The Finnish Theatre Academy in the 1990’s. Soon after they became band mates in a finnish cult progressive rock band Höyry-Kone, which was founded by Kärkkäinen in early 1990’s. Since 1994 they have also been members in an audiovisual performance collective Emmenthal Socapex. Together, they have made two works for YLE Ääniversumi, “Keskiaika 2016″[2016] and “Singulariteetti” [2017].