2018 / 19:10 – 19:30 [gmt] live from MOSCOW

Haunting Spectre of Communism (100 years of the Russian Revolution)

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New Space Moscow
Venue/s of the event:                  New Space Moscow 
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The stream starts 20.00 GMT with our concert. At  19.10-19.30 GMT  we  will play   the medley of the concert  and send  to EBU satellite.

Haunting Spectre of Communism
Media artists celebrating 100 years of the Russian revolution.

Olesia Rostovskaia
Dmitry Nikolaev
Oleg Makarov
Andrei Bundin
Sergei Zagny

Our time slot allows us to play only two modules  from the long concert, that  consists of 6 modules  created by various  authors. Each module contains a documentary entry, which is the starting point for the author’s musical perception / comprehension of the problem. The Protagonist of the work is the Spectre of Communism, as an author of a module  imagines  him or her (Probably the Spectre was a woman!)

Working titles and a document record for each part are:

  1. The Empire – Doc – “God Save the Tsar” anthem of Russian Empire.
  2. The people – Doc – “Dubinushka” (“Сudgel”), F.Chaliapin.
  3. The World – Doc- “International” in different languages.
  4. Leaders – Doc-voices of A. Kerensky, V. Lenin, L. Trotsky.
  5. The Dream – Doc-Termen Vox and Ars.Avramov.
  6. Myth – Doc – a fragment of the film “October” by S. Eisenstein.

The order of the parts in a final cut may be different.